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Jumanah Oud

We present to you a range of enriched perfumes, deep rooted with Arabian cultural heritage. We bring you the best scents, delicately balanced to create a delightful aroma, radiating on your skin.

Discover our premium oud, blended with rare oils and the finest ingredients, to produce a perfumer’s delight. Our Oud is sourced and harvested from aged trunk, extracted from Aquilaria trees.

Our Oud has a deep woody scent with deep undertones that enriches and matures over the whole day. We ensure our Oud is responsibly harvested from the farms of Southeast Asia, respecting ancient practices whilst conforming to a greener planet.

Enjoy and divulge into Jumanah Oud, let it radiate.

Quran Selection

Give the gift of spirituality with our Quran gift boxes. Printed in the famous King Fahd complex of the Prophet’s City, Madinah Al Munawarah. These are printed on the finest pages finished with luxurious wood and prestigious gold embroidery. This will illuminate any room. Bring the light of spirituality into your home with this beautiful Quran box set.

Prayer Mat Collection

Luxurious prayer mat’s providing comfort and sure to be a glorious addition to any room it is inscribed with Quranic calligraphy Plus our special Masjid Al Nabwi carpet. The same design used in the Rawdah of the Prophet’s Mosque bringing those beautiful memories of prayers there into your home. Designs vary, quality never compromised

Jumanah Accessories

A one stop shop for all your Islamic needs from educational books to nurture children and adults to Hajj and Umrah necessities. Find it all here at Jumanah Accessories 

The Jumanah Team