Red Prayer Mat: Ages 2 - 3

Red Prayer Mat: Ages 2 - 3

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Made in Saudia Arabia
Available in Green Color Only.

Red Prayer Mat: Ages 2 - 3

Specially designed for Kids, these beautiful prayer mats are made to the same specification as the adult mats yet smaller keeping kids in mind. They also make a fantastic travel prayer mat. These are designed in Rawdah and Red Masjid al Nabwi art.

Made in Madinah, it is characterized by its high quality and soft material, which is made of polypropylene yarns.

Bring the Haramain into your home with these prayer mats.

Beautifully Detailed Thick Carpet with Luxurious Tassels.

These premium quality prayer mats are made in Madinah, handcrafted to the highest quality. Resembling the mats from Al-Rawda the Prophet's Mosque & Masjid Al Haram. 

These premium prayer mats embezzle designs that are inviting the call to prayer. They invoke memories of the Holy Mosques and provide snapshot into them. 

The mats are Incredibly durable and thick they are a delight to pray upon and are heavy and hard wearing. The mats are nonslip as normal prayer mats. It’s weaved to a high threadcount making it suitable for cleaning and also avoids wear and tear.

Every purchase supports the manufacturing industry of Madinah as each of these prayer mats are crafty to the exact specifications of the Two Holy Mosques.